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Teasing you in more ways, you’ll want to binge listen, and I don’t blame you. It was just as exciting for me pulling us to the next chapter, and I’ve done so many. I always love a good story, but I really get pulled in to what is going on when there is a strong cliffhanger feeling. I’ve working hard to create a sense of progression and a desire to keep going in some of my longer series. And I have series all over the park. It’s fun to keep going deeper into the same story for hours and hours. Some of them are pretty wild as they get further. Some are more about the story, and others are more about the pleasure. Either way, I think you’ll enjoy feeling pulled in deeper like this.

Erotic Audio Series in Naughtyland

A First Time For Everything
Losing virginity, yeah, that was a first. So many firsts when you get to know someone. Let's go beyond losing virginity and look ... more
Absinthe Cantina
Where do you go when you've run out of options, and you want an easy hot date? The bar? Maybe it's the place of last resort, but ... more
Beast Mode
On some level, we all fight with our inner demons. In our dreams, those demons and monsters can come to life. Not every beast is ... more
Blaze's Dirty Deli
I don't eat much when I'm thinking about sex all day. It feels good to just flush out everything and be super aroused. However, h... more
Blossoms And Butterflies
Taking time to smell the roses can be quite rewarding. I going to take you on a virtual tour around the world to famous gardens a... more
Blue Balls Blast
Male For Male Gay
I know you boys like to jerk off amd cum in 2 minutes most of the time when you watch porn. If we were together, I'd want it to l... more
Breeding Bay
We all came into this world because of a beautiful woman. As a woman yourself, you are constantly reminded by your purpose. Your ... more
Completely Covered
Bukkake is a sex act where a bunch of men ejaculate on the face of just one woman covering her face in semen. In Japan, it is not... more
Coveting The Kitty
I get so hard with the slightest thought of your pussy. I like pussies of all shapes and sizes. A nice little thin slit is hot, s... more
Crescendo To Climax
Sex is similar to music, there are plenty of rhythms and changes. We increase and decrease speed & intensity and add plenty o... more
Crying For You
We can try as hard as we can to be positive, happy and filled with joy all the time, but we know life is not only happiness. We o... more
Drift Lift
As you start to go higher in the park things start to heat up but they don't always give you that full reward. I want to make sur... more
Drill Sergeant Blaze
Male For Male Gay
Do you think you have what it takes to be in the Royal Guard at Phallus Palace and serve beside King Blaze of Naughtyland? So man... more
Floating On Cloud Nine
You know one of the best things about sex is that it completely removes our tension and reduces stress so much especially after a... more
Forceful Entry
Yeah, I'm not talking about a door either. You know what this is. More filth for your strangely popular dark fantasy. I can't be... more
Free Solos
This concept was inspired by my interest in watching mountain climbers on youtube and in movies like Free Solo. A free solo arti... more
Funny Business
I work way too much. My business trips take me far and wide, and I just don't find myself back at Phallus Palace as much as I'd l... more
Get Stupid With Me
Look, you and I, we're super smart, but that isn't so helpful sometimes. Yeah, I can be really smart, so quick with all those tec... more
Getting Wet
Playing in the water is fun. I live near the beach. It's fun to go down there and dive under the waves or ride on top of them or ... more
Handling Your Joystick
Male For Male Gay
You mastered stroking your cock a long time ago, or so you think. There is a lot of Jerk Off Instruction clips out there already,... more
Hopelessly Horny
We all like foreplay, but especially woman because men just don't last as long. About 5 minutes average compared to 14 minutes fo... more
Hypnotrance Command
Male For Male Gay
I channel my inner female voice as Blazie and launch my bold first step out into the real world as a stage performer. As Blazie, ... more
Indecent Mysteries
You know you like to dress to impress. Always trying to look your best. Mm. I want to tell you how excited your sexy outfits make... more
Kiss And Tell
People like to talk about their hot new romances. It seems like men are always quick to brag about who they just fucked or who ju... more
Losing Myself In You
Have you ever found yourself becoming more like your lover the more time you spend with them? Yeah, me too. In fact, I adored my ... more
Lost Lust
How do you know you've lost something unless you start to feel it again? There is that moment in our lives where something captur... more
Mine Control
It's pretty cool to check out hypnotists, and other thoughts about being controlled, but you know I don't think I need any hypnos... more
My Lovense Sex Toys
Sex toys for men? Yup, I know you could just stroke you dick or whatever, but that's so last gen boy. If you're a woman, your man... more
Natural World
The world is a lot bigger than an office, a house, and a yard. When we go outside further then our garden, our mailbox and we wal... more
Naval Cave
As you journey throughout naughtyland, you get to explore me and my ideas. The Naval Cave is special, because we get to journey a... more
Nipple Nirvana
When we touch between our legs, the sensations are pretty intense and give us a lot of pleasure. Howeveer, our nipples are also c... more
Paradise Retreat
Many women really like going to day spas to improve their beauty and health. Paradise retreat is kind of like that, but it's als... more
Perfect Dates
Love is supposed to be this easy, isn't it? Falling head over heels for me sure is easy when everything goes so well. Mm, you wan... more
Phallus Palace
Men like to build tall structures. Even back in ancient times, the pyramids, castles, cathedrals and palaces of impossible height... more
Phone Sex
This one is self explanatory. Male for female phone sex, but I play both voices, fun. Enjoy... more
Pillow Puzzles
We play a lot of games in our life and for something as simple as sex, a penis inserted into a vagina, we sure do make it very co... more
Please Cum Again
Male For Male Gay
Ok, so the challenge here is that I want you to have a real full orgasm before you listen and then have another orgasm as soon as... more
Publicly Pounce Her Near The Bouncer
Some people are uncomfortable with even the slightest amount of public displays of affection, and others absolutely love it. Som... more
Pussy Playtime
Let's experience some good times relaxing, playing, touching, not touching, getting so aroused, and releasing hard. I like adding... more
Raw And Spontaneous
I record a most of my work in the moment with no script. I just feel like that is more authentic to the feeling and my raw passio... more
Ready Set Cum
Do you think you can last an exact amount of time and then cum within 30 seconds? What is the fastest you think you can cum? Can... more
Seasonal Sensations
With holidays year-round, there are plenty of things to celebrate and you know getting together and spending more time with each ... more
Seeding The Garden Of Earth
Thanks so much for checking me out! Spreading the word about my project starts with the smallest individual steps. It's almost sp... more
Service Call Boy Toys
Waiting for the man can be so annoying especially when the AC is out in the summer. When they arrive, sometimes you're not so imp... more
It's not that great in Shantytown. It's a hard life for a single woman. No one really that to protect you and take care of you. M... more
Small Nuts
Male For Male Gay
Your balls are looking a bit full. You're anxious, you're thinking about fucking, jerking off, whatever, just to relieve this ten... more
Surprise Chest
Naughtyland is big. So many attractions were planned in advance, yet I still find myself experimenting and coming up with new ide... more
The Big O Quest
I know you're hear to relax and really let go, but I think we can do even better. Let's go on an epic journey to find the big O. ... more
The Darkest Fire Inside
If you want to be treated poorly, have fun with this one. This series is off limits to anyone else. Don't listen to this. Serious... more
The Sweetest Fruit
A really ripe fruit almost feels like sex in your mouth. And really good sex just makes you want to experience that wonderful tas... more
Tight ass
Male For Male Gay
You might have a nice ass, but that's not what I'm saying. You like to save any dollar you can. I get it, I do that too. We're bo... more
Toybox Treasures
I browse the web and find so many sex toys, wow. Sex is getting expensive. Don't you like my tongue, fingers and penis, baby? Oh,... more
Imagine if we were the same from birth to death and beyond. In some ways we are, and in others we learn and grow into a different... more
Try To Resist Me
I'm just a regular guy. That doesn't matter. We can have lots of fun. You know resisting me is kind of hard. I get aroused just l... more
Unspoken Erotic ASMR
I talk really dirty sometimes, but you know what really makes it work is the energy. The pace, the breathing, the instructions, b... more
Warrior Princess
Yeah, sounds exciting huh. Imperial japan, war, beautiful ladies. Mmm, the perfect male fantasy? Nah. The fantasy is even better... more
Welcome Center
As a newcomer to Naughtyland, you deserve a very special tour of everything I have to offer. You know the Blaze is so many things... more
Wild Encounters
If you thought you are wild in bed, wait until you see what you are like with me. I'm going to really activate your inner nympho ... more
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