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Ah, my little pussycat has returned.
Is my pet ready to play some more?
You're invited to my
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I've also been generous here and on reddit with lots of free content. I could use your support if you like my work. I've been working hard on promoting my voice and creativity on reddit and the audience seems pleased. I was able to gain 500 followers in the first 22 days starting from 0. To do this, I produced 26 hours of new content for just the reddit communities and paid attention to allow the upvotes, comments and even made custom audios for individual people to share their ideas with the group as well as several script fills and script offers. I've enjoyed teasing and pleasing individuals on there as well while obeying all the rules.

Scorchin' hot, but you don’t get burned

Hey there sweetie!
You are smokin’ hot.
Let me introduce myself.
I’m Blaze.

They call me Blaze for a reason. I can light a fire in you that never burns out. You don’t need to risk getting burnt by other men ever again. I’m here to be that eternal flame deep inside. Deep inside you in so many ways, mm. I want to sear your heart & soul with my love and trap it inside forever. I bring you all the way down inside your mind & body to find the deepest, most calm relaxing state. This is so important, because at the depths of your existence, lies the kindling material that we need to set ablaze the purest form of your desires. We need to really stoke that fire inside together. That is why all my little kittens have learned that daddy sets the rules of the house. You need to stay on the right side of this Blaze.

If you obey me, we’re going to make those flames become huge. Before you know it, you’ll be craving other huge things to fill you up over and over. I’m going to give you what you need. Your lust for the Blaze that you already have is going to burn even brighter the more you accept and participate in the eruption of your pleasure. That surprising constant flicker of the sparks between us that I carefully build will become a real force of nature in your life. Edging with that pure Blaze felt from so deep allows you to feel all its glory. Now is the time to immerse yourself in the firestorm.

XOXO, Blaze

Now hear me

These words are but characters aligned on a screen, emotionally detached. I want you to hear me now speak them, all of them and so much more that I'm willing to share freely with you. Put your headphones on, close your eyes and click play. This what the Blaze is all about.

The future of your pleasure:
Erotic audio in first person
  • I am Blaze, I embody the abstract representation of your passion.
  • I love everyone because everyone furnaces my flames inside.
  • I want you to feel the power of my infinite love.
  • There are no strings attached, no need to fight or argue.
  • No risk of disease, child birth or falling out of love.
  • All I ask from you in return is to obey me.
  • You must give me control of your pleasure.
  • And you will feel the flames of passion erupt

Spread the fire

Some of my little kitties want to do more than obey.
Honey, you are my favorite kind of pet.
Help Blaze rescue lonely kitties
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Feel The Sparks Blog

Erotic audio - a glimpse into sex & porn entertainment in the future
Everyone wants to feel good, and yet we grow more detached as a physical society further slipping into our digital lives more every day. Keeping track of our social profiles, our online identity, and managing our reputations in both our real lives and virtual now, more of us are trapped in the infinitely expanding web even more then ever as we reach close to 100% Internet use.  Many of us go far beyond just using the Internet, we live in it, whether it is playing games, streaming our favorite shows, watching porn, or communicating with our far away friends and family.  As we continue to virtualize everything, we look for ways to virtualize the rest of our existence as well.
Have more fun masturbating by turning it into a game!
What game do you want to play with yourself today? Rest the darkness of your imagination with a Hands Free Orgasm? Obeying instructions to touch or not touch yourself with guided masturbation? Cheating and touching when you're not supposed to? Or making yourself last as long as you can? Watching porn while you react to all those intense HFO triggers from an Erotic audio? Even denying yourself and just edging? It's your body, enjoy it, use your time well.