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Pillow Puzzles

Pillow Puzzles

Audience: Male For Female Erotic Audio

1 chapters, 13.3 mins long

We play a lot of games in our life and for something as simple as sex, a penis inserted into a vagina, we sure do make it very complicated, don't we? So many push and pull moments in between the few seconds of bliss. We can't just stay up there in cloud nine all the time. We have real lives to deal with. Money, jobs, property, friends, family, sometimes our partner is the least of our concerns. Let's get a little more down to earth and explore how to solve this puzzle together from the perspective of just one messed up couple. They aren't you or me, but let's imagine that they are so we can feel more alive in their world. Every person is unique, and you're no different. I'm going to take you inside the mind of a young woman who hasn't really discovered what she wants for her life yet. We're going to find out together as partners the best we can manage. Neither of us has been married before, or had a child. All these first time moments can be intense. At the end of the day, there is a real attraction that keeps us moving forward, and when we begin to feel that love come back again, it really becomes a special moment. Getting all the way to adulthood and through our 30s can be a bit rough. 90% of relationships before the age of 30 fail. We often learn how to make better relationships by making our own mistakes first and finding out the jobs and people that really help us be the person we want to be. It's not going to make sense sometimes. We might even regret our choices or be embaressed by them, but making sure to have some real direct experience is a great way to know what you want, and you'll learn to appreciate and desire the things that add to your life, rather then burn it down. What choice do we have? Life is just a big game, right? Sometimes, we take ourselves right to the edge of ruining our lives before we find the sweetest moments. That kind of pain is not for all of us, but those who dare to live passionate lives, will often move through these painful moments as the open heart is easily hurt. I hope you enjoy Pillow Puzzles because of the added sense of struggle. Fantasy is not always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There are some cloud covered rainy days ahead for all of us.

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