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Service Call Boy Toys

Service Call Boy Toys

Audience: Male For Female Erotic Audio

1 chapters, 45.7 mins long

Waiting for the man can be so annoying especially when the AC is out in the summer. When they arrive, sometimes you're not so impressed with the job they did either. However, sometimes they send out that hot young stud, and he gets so hot and sweaty in your home and you look at all those big muscles and start to think about how big he is underneath, mm. He's got those nice tight jeans that show off his butt. Being alone with this man, you start to feel yourself blush and you touch your neck and breasts a little too much as your feel a whole lot more excitement down below. A deep sense of arousal hits you as he checks those pipes, and you look at his big hands on those long shafts. You say, how much longer are you going to be? What you're really thinking is that you want to pull out your dildo and get to work once he's gone. However, you're a naughty little nympho and tell him you'd like check out his most precious piece of equipment. A man that work this hard all day is definitely going to have more stamina to really drive that big O all the way home. Mm, these house calls just got a lot more interesting.

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