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Male Erotic Audio Artist

I won't be the first or the last male erotic audio performer, but I do get very hard and focused on my project. In this case my project is you. All about you, or at least the you that I want to imagine when I'm getting ready to cum. I try to cover all the bases for women, for gay men, and myself. I have a lot of fun getting very naughty, and then I apologize for it by getting really sweat and relaxing. I just want you to have to fun with me and relax. I want to help the world just chill out and de-stress. I need it as much as you need it. We all need the Blaze.

Not just playing with myself

I'm excited to share my pleasure and fantasies with you. I've also working on a lot of technical and artistic things, and I'm going to keep add more things over time. There's been a lot of thought and research done while working on this. Many days, I just get horny and think about an idea and run with it. I've done so many of them now, but I still find myself wanting to do more. I'm sure you'll find something you like in my collection, and you won't have to go hunting elsewhere, because it's all right here, and so organized. I keep a nice and tidy house for you here on my site, and playing home with you is always on my mind, because for all that fun you want to have, I also know you want to dream about something more long term. Let's dream about it together.

69reasons to enjoy the Blaze
But I especially
love you dominating me