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Floating On Cloud Nine

Floating On Cloud Nine

Audience: Male For Female Erotic Audio

1 chapters, 1.2 mins long

You know one of the best things about sex is that it completely removes our tension and reduces stress so much especially after an intense orgasm. In those moments after having an orgasm the things we say can be equally nice. There is a lot of sweet pillow talk before sex in order to get aroused, but afterwards, it often feels like we're really making love in our hearts. Just cuddling in our wet mess and afterglow can be so rewarding. The last thing I want to do after having an orgasm with someone else is jump up and clean right away. I'd like to really be with you at least until we come back down a little. Some of my attractions are time sensitive, and others, are not, so the amount of attention I give to the afterglow varies. I love filling myself up with positive thoughts and sharing them with you after my orgasm. I've had so many orgasms in this project, and they are scattered all over the park. I know it takes such a long time to reach those orgasm moments. I wanted to make it easier for my guests to enjoy these special moments with me with a very special attraction. Floating on Cloud Nine is nothing but the orgasm and afterglow part of my audios. Some of them will be taken out of their context, so they might be a little confusing, but you'll get to hear me in my most aroused and orgasmic state over and over in this attraction. A gift this sweet doesn't come cheap though. You'll need lots of access tokens to enjoy this one. Not everyone thinks about pleasure like me probably, but I think listening to other people orgasm hard is one of the most exciting and valuable things that is offered. Not enough erotic audio artists are willing to share their real pleasure. I want to share all of my pleasure with you. I really enjoy hearing and seeing other people's orgasmic pleasure, that's why I place such a high value on Floating on Cloud Nine.

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