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Take your time exploring

Take your time exploring

Naughtyland is meant to be a deeply personalized adventure. It’s like an adult amusement park. You can play for free or with real money, but you won’t be done with this experience right away either way. You’re going to want to keep your account active, and keep building up those rewards so you can dive deeper into Naughtyland.

A theme park you can enjoy at home

Walk around or ride the train

Just like at the big parks around the world, Blaze's Naughtyland is really big. You have to walk around to explore it. Later, you can ride the train to move around even faster. And there is a real sense of atmosphere as you move around with different music and environmental audio to enjoy before you get into the attraction.

Waiting in line together

We all remember the fun parts of being at a theme park, and sometimes the best moment is the time we spent together with friends and family. If you ever took a hot date to the park, I’m sure that was special to you. To some extent, waiting in line is a big part of the theme park experience. That’s why I’ve recorded a huge amount of content for you to experience one time only in between the attractions. Some of those will be short and others are full blown sexual situations. If you’d like to be in more control and skip the lines, you can buy a fast pass subscription and then you can choose to skip the line each time. You might enjoy these extra experiences though, getting to know me in more ways just like we would spending all day at a real life theme park.

Places to rest & relax

Theme parks aren’t just non-stop action, there are places to rest and enjoy things with younger and older people in your group. Some of the attractions are just meant to be much softer, and pleasant. Helping you to relax, feel better about yourself, get to know me, and learn more about the park. It can be fun diving deeper into the same world, especially if you’re too tired for sex, or just need a pick me up, or to help ease your stress.

Real thrills & spills

When you ride roller coasts and big splash rides at the parks, you heart races and you feel that big rush. You know sex is just like that, and many times sexual pleasure is even more exciting then a thrill ride. You can get so in the moment, and feel so much pleasure when you get so aroused, and this is really the reason why I decided to make my erotic audio world a theme park. I saw how other artists have not thought to be more organized, and I really believe that creating a world that people want to keep moving deeper in is an important part of making erotic audio better as a business and for the consumer.

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