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Lucky Pick

Lucky Pick

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Have you ever been attracted to a new show only to be disappointed and then you stopped watching it? Then another time, you really weren't sure about a new show, and you ended up loving it even though you'd usually never watch something like that? You know choice is something that can get us in trouble. We think we know what we want our life to be, but if we controlled every little bit of it, all the joy & pain might be eliminated and we might just be a bit more numb and bored than we could be. The lucky pick attraction doesn't really offer anything by itself, it just takes away your control. You'll be able to progress in any attraction in the park, but each time you come here, it will be a completely random choice. You might be thrown into a game, a story you already started, a new series, or some behind the scenes content. You might have no idea how intense or soft it will be, and how long it is. Why give up that much control? Well, all our attempts to plan and organize our life can end up making sex boring and we fail to get as aroused and relaxed. We really need to focus on feeling something to feel good. That kind of urge to just pressure a quick orgasm is often there instead of the softer discovery of your feelings. I want you to let go even more sweetie. You should choose Lucky Pick more often than not, because you really don't know what's good for you, and I'm going to fill you up with a lot more surprises if you just stop trying to filter out what you think you don't like. I've got all kinds of different energies bottled up in everything I've made for you, and I know there's going to be some hidden gems that you miss if you are a control freak, so let's practice some of your monk powers and spend more time practicing the art of letting go. Let go of control in bed, let go of your mind, start to be present, start to feel. This journey begins by letting me start choose for you. You're going to love being so present, so unaware, and so ready to dive in to new things, when you stop holding on to that control. When you achieve that with your orgasm pleasure, it's going to come easier as well.

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